JASTEC's Globalization

JASTEC's globalization vision is to expand its presence globally in the enterprise software sector.

JASTEC’s core competency is its sophisticated software development/production management systematic scheme (ACTUM®) that lets the company to build enterprise computer systems exceeding expectations of clients in quality, cost and delivery.

Our next step is to serve clients with innovative core technologies and know-hows around them in addition to our current core competency ACTUM®.

In order to achieve these goals in a realistic time frame, the Company intends to establish strategic and/or capital partnership with software companies with strong core technologies or know-hows “all over the world,” in order to serve JASTEC’s prestigious clients and prospects in Japan together as a frist step. Once JASTEC accumulated successful use cases in Japan, JASTEC will then start the globalization to serve clients outside of Japan with these business partners.

After a period of time of growth through the partnerships and the organic growth, JASTEC expects to be a global entity with the high capability to research and develop innovative and advanced core software technologies that fulfill clients’ unmet needs as well as with the most sophisticated software development/production company.

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