Software Development

Established in 1971, JASTEC is an independent software house specializing in the development and sale of software. It is one of the leading Japanese software companies in terms of paid-up capital, total sales and profitability. JASTEC enjoys a competent staff that includes top-notch software engineers and highly-trained sales engineers. In addition to its human resources, the company has a wide range of software products and leading-edge technologies. JASTEC has sold its advanced software to more than 100 prestigious Japanese enterprises, including those in the raw materials, construction, manufacturing, financial, insurance, securities, distribution and service industries. More than 50 of these companies are regular customers.

We at JASTEC believe that we have a responsibility to handle our business with care in order to eliminate every possibility of accidental leakage of customers' confidential and security-related information. JASTEC adopts a unique policy: we maintain only one major customer in each business field.

On one hand, the sales staff of JASTEC focus on taking orders from comparatively large businesses, and most system development projects are worth more than 100 million yen. This business practice ensures high profitability and a stable financial base for JASTEC. On the other hand, we have many development staff members who are crucial to our software development program. Our efforts are focused on strengthening the software development process, from design to testing. In order to enrich the quality control of our software development, we utilize our own management methodology for software development and work closely with our customers. JASTEC obtained its ISO 9001 quality assurance registration from Japan Quality Assurance (JQA) in October 1996. JASTEC's registration applies to software development throughout the company. Achieving And JASTEC achieved CMMI level-5 for the entire organization in 2003. is not a CMMI Level-5 event. Committing to a quality program means committing to continuous improvement.

JASTEC can understand users' needs precisely and satisfy their needs with products that reflect its know-how in the field of software development. Dedicated staff and extensive experience enable JASTEC to please its customers. JASTEC will take every step necessary to remain in a leading position and offer better customer services throughout coming years.

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